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A shake is a wooden shingle that is made from split logs.
Shingles must be edge grain cut, to prevent warping and splitting as the wood dries. When splitting blocks and manufacturing shakes or shingles, particular care must be taken to consider the orientation of the grain in the wood.

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for hundreds of years and have proven their longevity in all weather and all conditions of climates. Cedar shakes and shingles contain oils that make them naturally decay resistant. High humidity areas can get added protection with Certi-Last pressure-impregnated preservative treated material. Cedars' insulative quality, aesthetic appeal, and wind and impact resistance make Certi-label cedar shakes and shingles the natural choice for your roofing material.

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For your cedar shake roof, the Number 1 Tapersawn shakes are like shingles but the cut is thicker and both faces are sawn. Your cedar shake roof will have the naturally tailored look of a shingle but is complimented by the sharp shadow line caused by the thicker butt. The Tapersawn is the most popular wood roof in the West Coast of British Columbia and is rapidly growing in popularity in the USA. It is cut from clear heartwood, with no defects. This cedar shake is 5/8" or 3/4" thick at the butt and is cut in two lengths - 18" and 24". On 4/12 or steeper pitched roofs, it is applied at 7 1/2" for an 18" board and 10" for a 24" board.

  • Certi-Split Medium and Heavy Hand split Red Cedar Shakes
  • Certigrade Red Cedar Shingles
  • Certigrade & Certi-Groove R & R Red Cedar Siding Shingles
  • Certi-Ridge Hip & Ridge Units
  • Certi-Last Pressure Preservative Treated Shakes and Shingles
  • Certi-Guard Fire Retardant Treated Shakes


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