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Nothing emphasizes a home’s beauty more than natural full-spectrum sunlight. It affects our moods and how our brains perceive the world around us. Beyond just the visual affect, the more natural sunlight your home receives, the warmer it becomes.

Rooms filled with natural light and fresh air are invariably more beautiful, spacious and uplifting to your spirits. Daylight is the essential element that transforms conventional rooms into splendid spaces that add value and quality to your home and your life. Skylights, sun tunnels, and roof windows let you bring the best of the outdoors inside with you.

Sun Tunnel Flexible Tubular skylight and Rigid Tubing skylight systems are industry leaders in natural lighting. Installs in less than two hours in most cases and gives years of energy saving lighting inside the home. Quality you can trust from VELUX, a company with over 60 years in skylight manufacturing experience.

Affordable, efficient, and easy to install, the Energy Starlabeled Sun Tunnel skylight is perfect for lighting your hallway, bath rooms, kitchen or anywhere that needs more natural light. Add the optional electric light kit to have light even after sun down.

Sun Tunnels are now available in 10" 14"or 21" with the patented flexible or rigid tubing which allows the unit to go around virtually any attic obstructions unlike other lighting systems. Real savings on your sky light installation costs!

We now have rigid tubing skylight models, high impact dome models and Sun Tunnels for use on tile roofs.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights bring passive natural light into the home and particularly into areas where traditional skylights aren’t needed or won’t fit. They capture light very efficiently through a clear, weatherproof dome on the roof. The light travels into the home through highly reflective tubing, ending at a diffuser in the ceiling that looks like a traditional in-ceiling light fixture. The units offer a choice of highly reflective rigid tubing between the roof and ceiling or flexible tubing to easily bypass HVAC equipment or other obstructions in the attic. They are less expensive than many traditional skylights and easier to install.
And now is a particularly good time to consider upgrading existing skylights or adding new units to qualify for a tax credit of up to $200 under the Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2009. Details are available at www.energy.gov/taxbreaks.htm.

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