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The Diffrence is Clear!

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home there are many options to consider. Sunrise Windows is dedicated to producing the most innovative, energy efficient, and technologically advanced windows available .
After all, windows have a dramatic impact on the appearance of your home, and we believe you are entitled to the best.

When it comes to your peace of mind and overall value, The Difference is Clear!

More glass area = Better view

The Sunrise double hung window on the left clearly shows what your view from inside your home would look like compared to the competitor's brand on the right.

Unmistakable window elegance that provides the great look of traditional windows without the maintenance.

Sunrise windows let up to 30% more daylight into your home.

Extra Layers Provide Extra $avings

Ultra U Plus
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Ultra-U Plus Glass System
A 7/8" overall dual glazed insulated glass unit featuring our exclusive Ultra-U Plus Glass, the MAXEdge space system, and an air space filled with high density argon gas.
The Ultra-U Plus coating structure is composed of eight layers of high performance reflective metallic shields.

MaxEdge-The edge above the rest
THe MAXEdge Spacer dramatically reduces the risk of condensation on windows by conducting significantly less cold than aluminum, metal, and other thermoplastic spacer systems.

Our exclusive 8 layer Ultra-U Plus glass coating structure insulates better than hard- and soft-coat Low-E glass, Low-E squared glass and even most triple-paned products. The higher the insulating R-factor of the glass the more you save - let our Sunrise's Ultra-U Plus efficienvy and performance work for your home!

Energy Efficient Insulation

Sunrise Windows have environmentally friendly polyurethan insulated extrusions that provide higher R-factors than typical multi-chambered vinyl windows.
Sunrise Windows are also constructed using energy efficient pure virgin uPVC, that helps in keeping your home insulated.

Block Out Winter's Cold
Designed to perform, Our windows have some of the industry's lowest air infiltration rates. Sunrise's Triple weather-strips barrier provides 50% more weather-stripping than other windows and more protection against harsh winter weather, which means you save money to heat your home.

We strive to create total peace of mind for our clients from start to finish. From obligation-free quoting, to superior quality windows, total maintenance free packages, and the benefit of the most experienced and efficient installers.
We offer a total, or partial, window package suited to your individual requirements.
Window quality and energy saving performance means reliability you can count on!

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